Big Triangular Bowl


Our glazing methods are always different for every piece. Currently, we are using eighteen different lacquers that, when combined, allow us 324 different possibilities. In each firing, we also experiment with some variations of the main lacquers to create new finishes.

Every piece is unique, and our website cannot show all of them. This is the reason why, on our website, we do offer groups of colours rather than specific colours.

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Lomba Collection is our new set of utilitarian pieces. They are the result of observing our vegetable garden growing through a geometric prism. Inspired by traditional Galician and Japanese pottery, the collection is a set of fourteen bowls and three jars. All pieces may be overlaid so they act as a decorative and useful artwork.

We also create the pieces in a thinner layer so they may be used as broth, wine and liquor mugs. Because broth is “haute cuisine”, a good wine does not need a glass and a shoot with friends may be even cooler.

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